January 25 2017

Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel Restaurant introduces Sunday Lunch menu

How much do we love the Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel Restaurant? We have myriad reasons, all of which we duly oink about on a regular basis. But now, we’ve got yet another reason to officially declare ourselves brazen Gainsborough groupies, as they’ve recently added a Sunday Lunch option to their multi-faceted overall allure.

The Gainsborough folk are describing their brand new, 3-course Sunday Lunch menu (available every Sunday from 12.30-2.45pm) as ‘traditional’ – so yes, there’s a roast beef option (sirloin of Aberdeen Angus, to be specific). And yes, there will of course be a Yorkshire Pudding to accompany that… and gravy. And roasties. And sage and onion stuffing and bread sauce to go with the roast chicken. But hang on: this menu is, of course, curated by Gainsborough head chef Daniel Moon, who has created his own unique variation on the classic Sunday blowout theme; trust us when we tell you, Piggies, that this is set to be a very special Sunday lunch indeed, for the amazing price of just £30pp for 3-courses from a 4/4/4 selection that includes fish/vegetarian options and a glass of Prosecco – hoorah! That’s Sunday, sorted.

Daniel Moon was featured as a Food Hero in the May 2016 issue of the Bath Magazine; read the full story.

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