December 7 2018

Exclusive Pig Guide accommodation offer at The Abbey Hotel

You know how it goes: you’ve got friends and family keen to come and visit you (or perhaps attend a very special event?) in Bath… but there’s simply no space to accommodate them in your home. Those lovely folk at The Abbey Hotel, however, have collaborated with The Pig Guide to come up with an offer that not only solves the problem, but adds a very tasty little sweetener to the deal too.

Bed and breakfast at The Abbey Hotel starts at £106 per room (based on two adults sharing a small double room.) But those who book a room (or rooms) for dates between the start of January and the end of March 2019 can snap up 15% off their food bill at the hotel’s gorgeous on-site restaurant Koffmann and Mr. White’s, to which they’ll be welcomed on arrival with a glass of Prosecco. There! Guest problems solved. But remember: this offer is exclusive to The Pig Guide, so booking via this specific link is crucial to the deal.


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