July 6 2017

Exciting relaunch news: Dan Moon at the Gainsborough Restaurant

Dan Moon may have only taken to the hob at the glamorous Gainsborough Bath Spa kitchen 18 months ago, but he’s already earned huge acclaim for upping the Bath fine dining scene ante courtesy of his fabulous ever-changing menus that totally, utterly engage the senses served in super-sophisticated surroundings. And now, in recognition of Dan’s culinary flair and soaring popularity, the Gainsborough Bath Spa is proud to announce the unveiling of a dining experience named in honour of the man himself: Dan Moon at the Gainsborough Restaurant.

When I first joined The Gainsborough Restaurant, my focus was on creating new flavour combinations and giving dishes a depth of flavour that surprised and excited guests, and I never looked back,” says Dan. “For me, every single meal of the day should be a celebration, whether it’s a quick breakfast for guests, an indulgent afternoon tea, or a six-course tasting menu experience, I want my diners to feel special with every bite they take. I feel so proud that this has been reflected in the popularity of the restaurant and its establishment in both the local and tourist market.”

With a focus on pioneering cooking techniques and theatrical presentation, Dan’s dishes are so much more than just an experience for the tastebuds, and reflect his position as a trailblazer on the modern British culinary scene, and his passion for the all-consuming experience of dining out is at the very heart of his eponymously-named prandial playground. Dan has crafted a number of delicious menus to suit any occasion, meaning diners can return time and again to expect a totally different culinary experience at prices that represent amazing value for money for the experience on offer. Click here for details of Dan’s signature Tasting Menu (£60pp), here for his lunch menu (currently priced at just £34pp for three courses for two people), and here for the full lowdown on Dan’s spectacular Sunday Roast.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more about the man behind the Gainsborough menus, see Dan’s Bath Magazine Food Hero story here.

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