December 9 2014

craft beer storm hits bath

In early 2013, Bath’s much-loved charismatic purveyors of good times-related tipples Independent Spirit launched onto the craft beer scene, introducing the now legendary ‘Wall of Beer’ (currently flaunting almost 200 unique brews) to their lovely, lively haven of good taste. New craft beer-centric ventures including the Bath Brew House and Culture and Cure further bolstered Bath’s crafty reputation and, just a handful of weeks ago, Colonna and Hunter – the brainchild of world-renowned coffee aficionado Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood (y’know…Colonna and Smalls?) and fellow beer enthusiast James Hunter – opened their doors in Milsom Place. And this week, Independent Spirit and Colonna and Hunter will embark on a tantalising collaboration to guarantee that, whether you’re at home or out and about in Bath this Christmas, beer fans will have something really special to celebrate.

Introducing an initiative that’s a first for Bath, Independent Spirit and Colonna and Hunter will offer a full range from BrewDog, one of the UK’s most unique craft brewers, widely reputed to be responsible for starting the craft beer revolution in this country. Alongside the BrewDog range, both units will be bringing some of Mikkeller’s newest beers to Bath, both in the bottle and on keg. For those not keeping up at the back, Mikkeller has gained a cult following courtesy of the constant innovation and experimentation of head brewer (and former maths and physics teacher) Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, who started experimenting with hops, malt and yeast in his Copenhagen kitchen in 2006 and today exports his micro-brewed beer to 40 countries. Mikkeller is internationally acclaimed as one of the most innovative, cutting edge brewers in the world…and on Friday 12 December at 3pm, Colonna and Hunter will introduce an exclusive Mikkeller brew for Bathonians to get jiggy with. And there’s yet more good news to celebrate! Independent Spirit will stock over 25 beers from both BrewDog and Mikkeller in time for Christmas, including Mikkeller’s 3-coffee Rye Imperial Porter, a barrel-aged imperial stout from tequila and Speyside whisky barrels, a fruit beer based on a Danish dessert, a spontaneously fermented sour beer with beetroot and a gluten free ipa.

Good work, Bath beer folk!

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