August 15 2012

Breakfast calling!

How to find the Best Breakfast in Bath? Start a Twitter debate! So that’s what The Pig did – and this is what happened:

The Jazz Cafe earned a load of recommendations, most notably from @Schmiffy12 who loves the massive choice but says you can’t beat the Full English, with @bethanee_c in full agreement (“beyond compare!”, no less) and @TommyTynansTaxi boldly stating that all the JC breakfasts are “unquestionably the best in Bath”. For The Pig, this one is most definitely the one to hit when the bacon buttie craving calls – porkie/carb perfection on a plate for £4.25.

@EmmaFrancesLucy loves Jika Jika, and The Pig is happy to concur, most notably on the grounds of this being the only place in Bath (as far as I know!) that includes coconut porridge on a breakfast menu served all the way through to a very civilised 12noon, with brunch rolling all the way through to 4pm. But £9.95 for a full English? This one wins the award for being the priciest on our list.

Ah, the Cosy Club – it came as no surprise to The Pig that their breakfasts come highly recommended by a whole host of Tweeters, led by @Njpope going crazy for the egg and bacon stack. For The Pig, the Cosy Club wins the best vegetarian full English award – it’s lovely to see sweetcorn fritters and grilled red peppers instead of the usual veggie sausages. Good work, guys! (and I’m not even a vegetarian!)

The dear old La Parisien has a tough time on Twitter, with mixed reviews mainly expressing frustration at poor service. But when they get it right, they get it really right – @FABeventLtd loves both the breakfasts (and the courtyard) and The Pig is a confirmed fan too, especially fond of the American pancakes (albeit a strange option, given the French theme). How will La Parisien fare when Carluccio’s Deli – the next new kid on the Bath foodie block – opens its doors any day now? Only time will tell…

The full English at the Roscoff Deli really is a joy to behold, especially if the weather plays nice and you can enjoy it at a table on the gorgeous traffic-free lane. @NessainBath nominated this one, and a high number of RTs confirmed it as a very popular choice.

Velo Lounge is another @NessainBath recommendation, with @ittookten highly recommending the Champion Breakfast: £8.95 for a selection that includes chorizo, smoked back bacon, onion, BBQ baked beans and fried potatoes topped with mature Cheddar, Monterey Jack cheese and two fried eggs – blimey, that’s quite a haul!

Elsewhere, Gourmet Scoffs clearly has an impressive number of fans including @AndyTrollope who says that the full English (with extra egg) takes some beating and @azazell0, who simply loves breakfast here but says its hard to choose between their early morning selection and that offered by the Riverside Cafe. @DaveDonaghy heads straight to Cafe Retro for his early morning kickstart and @balador wants to draw everybody’s attention to the “amazing breakfast baguettes” at Java Coffee House (good call – the bangers are sheer perfection!). But for The Pig, the Wild Cafe is the ultimate breakfast pitstop – from fruit pancake stacks to a very full-on full English by way of avocado on toast, eggs benedict, florentine and royal and the ultimate bacon sarnie, going Wild is The Pig’s favourite way to start the day.

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