March 31 2014

Break in at the Bath Foodbank: how you can help, today

Since the Bath Foodbank was established in September 2011, this remarkable resource has provided over 7000 people (including 2000 children) with emergency food and basic household supplies necessary to support those in dire need through a short term crisis. The initiative is run locally by the Genesis Trust, and is part of a national network of Foodbanks which act as a safety net for people hit by welfare reforms, redundancy and debt. And now more than ever before, the Bath Foodbank needs your help to replenish supplies and maintain the invaluable support that they offer to some of the most vulnerable members of the Bath community.

On the evening of Thursday 27 March, thieves broke into the Bath Foodbank’s warehouse at Bathampton and stole food,an electronic weighing machine, cash donations and all the available supplies of soap, shampoo and toilet rolls, leaving stocks seriously depleted. “It is very disappointing for all the volunteers who freely give their time to Bath Foodbank to find that we have been broken into,” says David Purdon, Chair of the Bath Foodbank. “We rely on the generosity of the people of Bath to provide donations of food and other items, and it is sad to think that some people would steal from us.” Yes indeed it is. But if we work together and act fast, we can turn this tragic situation around by donating food and/or toiletries at the various collection points around the city, including Morrisons (London Road), St Michaels Cafe (opposite Waitrose), Sainsbury’s Green Park and Manvers St Cafe, today. The Bath Foodbank also has an all-day collection point at Sainsbury’s Odd Down on Saturday 12 April.

So come on Piggies, this is a call to arms! Next time you go shopping, add a little something extra to your trolley that will help towards making a huge difference to somebody else’s day.


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