July 24 2018

Brand new selection of vegan and gluten-free options plus extended non-pizza menu at Dough

Those delectable Dough folk have recently launched a new menu featuring more vegan and gluten-free options than ever before, alongside an expanded non-pizza selection.

Working to a philosophy of ‘Pizza for Everyone,’ they’ve added a new (vivid!) purple corn dough to the mix, meaning that customers can now choose between four different types of gluten-free bases including hemp and turmeric.

There are now 11 alternative health-giving bases on the menu in total, ranging from seaweed to multigrain and more alongside traditional sourdough. While Dough has always enjoyed an excellent reputation for catering to those with food allergies and intolerances, it’s also especially popular with vegans; to celebrate this status, the V for Vegan pizza – made with vegan cheese, beetroot carpaccio, crispy parsnip, capers, yellow courgette and rocket sauce on kamut dough (see pic) – is set to trend on Bath’s Best Eats charts any day now.

It’s really important for us for everyone to be able share our expertise in what we do, which is why we’ve added more ‘free from’ and vegan options to the menu,” says owner Massimo Nucaro. “We’ve gained quite a following with people looking for authentic gluten-free pizzas, and for being a great place to eat for those with food intolerances.”

But there’s yet more tasty news to share, as Dough have also expanded the antipasto and mains options too. Alongside popular classics such as Lasagne and Bolognese (which chef Giuseppe Giambardella learned how to make in Emilia Romagna), simple classics such as Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Pepperoncino (a hometown recipe from Calabria, and one of the chef’s favourites) are proving to be exceptionally popular already, while those looking for something new should try the Formato di Melanzane – an aubergine parcel wrapped around homemade pasta and a cherry tomato, garlic, basil and smoked ricotta sauce, with pesto – or the Gnocchi alla Curcurma: a homemade turmeric gnocchi main course, served in an edible paprika bread basket with a cherry tomato sauce, Calabrian n’duja and smoked mozzarella, which Massimo describes as a “killer dish”.

We want to be known as a proper Italian restaurant,” adds Massimo. “Giuseppe Giambardella is such a great chef. Whether you’re a fan of great pizza or pasta or just want to experience some new Southern Italian dishes, we hope you’ll come and try our new menu soon.”

Your wish is our command, Massimo – we’re on our way!

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