April 10 2014

Brand new lobster’n’burger pop-up venture @1 Newbridge set to make a splash

The Pig is eagerly anticipating trotting along to The Weston when the pub’s brand new, exciting pop-up venture opens its doors on Friday 25 April. ‘@1 Newbridge’ will dominate proceedings every Friday and Saturday evening for the foreseeable future and will specialise solely in all things burger- and lobster-related, resulting in bang on-trend, upmarket but distinctly affordable incarnations of the classic surf’n’turf combo. Expect to feast on delights such as a Lobster Bap, a 4ozs burger with half a lobster or your choice from a selection of gourmet burgers (including spiffing veggie options) all accompanied by unlimited fries and salad, and all priced at £15. Diners can, if they so wish, pre-order a whole lobster feast for £28, and there will be plenty of perfectly-matched wines by the glass (including sparkling/Champagne options) to guarantee that the new venture really makes a splash.

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