March 30 2017

Brand Ambassadors for the Great Bath Feast 2017

After a period of negotiation (okay, some rather lively meetings!), the news is finally confirmed: The Pig Guide are the official Brand Ambassadors for this year’s Great Bath Feast.

We are proud, delighted and downright thrilled to be working in close collaboration with Bath Tourism Plus on this year’s super-enhanced, annual foodie-centric festival that’s set to dominate Bath’s social calendar this autumn with the tastiest ever range of events, deals and general prandial partying-on. Our role largely revolves around acting as the GBF main point of contact for local food- and drink-related businesses who are keen to get involved in this year’s shebang, whether by offering an exclusive promotion, hosting an event (or several events?) or suggesting a brave, bold foodie initiative that really puts their business in the Bath foodie spotlight this autumn. How exciting is that?

We are poised to share details of (and invitations to) the Great Bath Feast 2017 Launch Event taking place at an uber-glamorous location in central Bath in April, so watch this space and keep a close eye on your inbox. In the meantime, if you’re raring to get your GBF ball rolling, drop us a line; the Ambassadors are ready and waiting to hear from you.

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