April 16 2018

BIB Wine set to start the boxed wine revolution right here in Bath

The Pig Guide wishes every success to brand new independent boxed wine company BIB Wine, whose oenophiliac fabulosity goes on general release any moment now.

The brainchild of Bath-based Rebecca Roberts and her three siblings, this exciting new venture is set to introduce us to the multi-faceted delights of premium bag-in-box fine wine, sourced in conjunction with renowned Master of Wine, global wine consultant and wine producer Justin Howard-Sneyd. This is good news for all concerned, as not only does bag-in-box wine cost less per litre than its traditional in-bottle counterparts due to lower packaging, process and logistics costs, but it’s far more environmentally sustainable too, generating a carbon footprint that’s six times lower than glass and using materials that take far less energy to recycle once its purpose has been served. The wine stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening, too – keep it on hand at home, take it to parties, picnics, festivals, camping holidays or indeed, all manner of moveable feasts. Cheers!

To keep up with BIB Wine news and developments, follow the company on Twitter @BIBWine.

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