January 22 2013

Ben rings in the changes at The Bell

The lovely Bell pub on Walcot Street is a much-patronised Pig watering hole, and we’re delighted by – and in awe of – the efforts of everybody who has supported this lovely, lively Bath institution to ensure that it doesn’t become Heritage City history. Made By Ben, meanwhile, is one of our favourite eateries in the sty. So, put ‘em together and what have you got? A dream team, that’s what! And that dream has come true.

From Wednesday 23 January multi-tasking gourmet supremo Ben Sibbald will be supplying his upper-crust grub to the Bell and running the pub’s kitchen on a regular basis. You can order food from Made By Ben HQ and have it delivered to your table on Monday-Thursday afternoons or hand your order directly to him on site at the beloved hostelry itself every Wednesday-Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 12noon-8pm and Sunday 12noon-7pm. Find menu examples and all kinds of other exciting news from The Bell here – use it now or lose it forever.

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