October 3 2012

Bear Essentials

It is with great regret that The Pig hereby announces the recent closure of the Real Meat Co on Bear Flat, one of Bath’s liveliest little neighbourhoods, also home to the lovely Bear pub and gastro-gourmet hotspot Menu Gordon Jones. At a public meeting in September, however, the Bear Flat Association heard a great deal from vocal locals who said that they would like to be able to buy locally-reared meat, locally-grown fruit and veg, homemade cakes, specialist breads and locally-produced dairy produce on a day-to-day basis. The premises formerly occupied by the RMC are currently under offer to a purchaser who intends to rent it to a community group to run as a community venue to include a shop incorporating a book-exchange project, free WiFi for all, social events and more, so a project steering group has evolved from the food sub-group (independent of the BFA) to investigate if those bear dreams can become reality. For the full lowdown, download the pdf from the BFA website – but don’t just read on, get involved! Help is needed with choosing a name for the venture, fundraising, redecoration, branding, retail software and more. Can you lend a friendly paw? Call the Steering Group on 07817 967837, the purchaser on 07764 654945, or email food@bearflat.org.uk

1 thought on “Bear Essentials

  1. The RMC in theory should have had an excellent location in Bear Flat for their quality ethically reared meat. However, their prices were just so expensive – perhaps twice that of say Beckington Farm Shop – that even a foodie like myself (and many of my neighbours) just could not justify the prices asked. We all had stories of how we went there to buy say a few sausages and bacon for breakfast and come out of the shop amazed at how much we’d spent on so little. We never went back.

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