November 8 2019

Alice Park Cafe launch fabulous little people’s food-to-go, Little Scoffs

If you’re not au fait with the multi-faceted delights of the Alice Park Cafe (on the eastern side of Bath on the corner of the Gloucester Road and the A4, opposite the new McCarthy and Stone development,) you’re seriously missing out.

This glorious, friendly little haven of cheer – based in one of Bath’s prettiest parks – is a hidden gem, home to a kitchen that miraculously (for such a tiny space!) produces some of the tastiest, well-priced grub for miles around from legendarily good breakfasts to… oh, all kinds of everything good as the clock rolls around.

The cafe hosts a lively programme of special events too, including the 3-day Larkhall Festival on the first Bank Holiday in May, an Easter Egg hunt, live music and DJs most summer weekends and the Big Sleep Out for Julian House every March – browse the full line-up (and read more about the cafe in general) here.

But for our purposes right here, right now, we’re focusing on Alice Park Cafe head honcho Tony Hickman’s most recent initiative, Little Scoffs: an imaginative range of high quality, individual ready meals for little people, free of additives and ‘nasties’, low on sugar, salt-free, made with simple, fresh ingredients in the Alice Park Cafe kitchen – and pushing Quorn-based and vegetarian dishes to the fore alongside traditional incarnations of popular, family-friendly classics. Brociflower Cheese Pie, Chickless Curry and Rice, Meatless Balls and Spaghetti, MacVicars Cottage Pie, Mac’n’cheese… it’s all going on! At our recent sampling session, we had a very hard time choosing which one we enjoyed the most; trust us when we tell you that there’s something for everyone, of all ages, here – we’re talking carefully-crafted, top notch comfort and convenience food at its very, very best.

The full Little Scoffs range is currently exclusively available from the Alice Park Cafe, and the team are happy to take orders for schools, small events and individuals to take home to enjoy later. But they’re actively seeking potential distributors and partners – want to know more? Get in touch today!

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