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Pig Guide review: Raphael

For a city that prides itself on teashops that have been here since 1482, Bathonians have taken well to embracing change of late. We've had to, really; even a handful of allegedly iron-clad chains have melted into liquidation in the past couple of weeks, while new restaurants, bars and cafes –... Read more >

Pig Guide review: Noya’s Kitchen

In a similar fashion to how the words “small plates” are increasingly becoming synonymous with that nasty “uh-oh, we're going to be told what we want to eat and end up having to spend a fortune on not very much food here” sinking feeling, the phrase “Supper Club" as a regular menu option... Read more >

Pig Guide review: The Mint Room, Bath

If you go by location alone, a trip to The Mint Room – situated as it is at the heart of an urban axis defined by a Holiday Inn Express, a Sainsbury’s garage forecourt and a Homebase car park – doesn’t initially look very promising. All credit to the Mint Room’s head honchos, then, for... Read more >

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